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Social/Arcade is an online, drag & drop template service for launching branded Games and playable adverts
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Social/Arcade’s games can run on browsers on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.
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Sales for digital goods within games account for 75% of all dollars spent on mobile. Not only can branded mobile web games support the sale of digital goods, they also can support the sale of physical items. This is not possible in the app stores..

  • Branded games can reach target audiences for longer periods than traditional advertising
  • Games are more engaging socially and have a much bigger potential to spread virally
  • Branded games are more effective to engage audiences and influence brand affinity

Branded games and playable adverts have click-through
rate (CTR) is 10x higher compared to other channels.

  • Games are excellent methods for data collection and analysis
  • The costs of game ads are comparable, if not cheaper, than traditional advertising
  • Games can be distributed through many platforms, including PCs, tablets and mobile device

Unlike native games where app updates require Apple or Google approvals, a branded mobile web game can be updated anytime, with the changes taking effect within minutes.

  • Games are very suitable for time-based events such as contests or competitions
  • Games can be much more effective methods for showcasing products
  • It is easy to connect in-game experience with real world rewards
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Here at Social/Arcade we have worked with some of the largest global brands around.We have partnered with digital marketing companies in America, Ireland and the United Kingdom. These companies have trust us to provide them with the best in branded games to help them engage with their customers.

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We provided Cost-per-Play (CPP) options.  Additional CPP at a price of 200 CPP per $1.00
All our games are hosted free for 30 days.


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