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Our ServicesSocial Arcade provides a range of capabilities

1. Select

We are constantly building new experiences and uploading to Social Arcade on a weekly basis.

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2. Create

Download our templates that can be redesigned for your brand’s needs.

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3. Publish

Launch your App, Game or Quiz to Facebook or the Web without the need to program.

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Cross Platform

Launch our content once and open on any device.

Social and Email Turnstiles

Are an easy way to build a user list, through our Apps Games and Quizzes so that you can connect with those interested in your content.

Download User Data and Analytics

Social Arcade collects information directly to your dashboard, which means you can download user lists for email marketing campaigns and re-targeting.

Calls to Action

Guide your most engaged viewers exactly where you want them to go with a clickable call-to-action at the end of your App Game or Quiz.

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Memberships types


Be able to search our store and find the right App, Game or Quiz for your campaign.

  • Access to the Library
  • Live Support
  • Launch a campaign for 30-90 days
  • Launch up to 3 games
  • Get access to membership deals
  • Access to custom game and app analytics

Creative Team

Launch up to 5 plus games a month. Be able to network with the team and build campaigns.

  • Launch up to 5 games
  • Get access to membership deals
  • Connect your team for faster campaigns


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